Inverter - 041215 19.21030.K51 ACER ASPIRE 1520

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041215 19.21030.K51 ACER ASPIRE 1520

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Product in stock. 6 months warranty.
041215 19.21030.K51 ACER ASPIRE 1520Description :

041215 19.21030.K51 ACER ASPIRE 1520

Acer Travelmate 240 Series: 242LC 242LCi 242LM 242LMi 242X 242XC 242XM 242XVi 243LC 243X 243Xi 244LC 244LCi 244X
Acer Travelmate 250 Series: 250LC 250LCi
Acer Travelmate 610 Series: 611TXV 612TXV 613TXV
Acer Travelmate 2000 Series: 2001LC 2001LCi 2001X 2001XC 2002LCi 2002LMi 2003LC 2003LMi
Acer Travelmate 2100 Series: 2100 2101WLC 2101WLM 2101WLMi 2103WLC 2103WLCi 2103WLMi ...
Acer Travelmate 2400 Series
Acer Travelmate 2500 Series: 2501LM 2500Lci 2501Lmi 2501LC
Acer Travelmate 2600 Series: 2601WLC 2601WLCi 2601WLMi 2602WLMi...
Acer Travelmate C100 Series
Acer Aspire 1360 Series: 1360 1362LMi 1362WLMi 1363WLMi 1362XC 1362LC 1362LCi 1362WLC 1362WLCi ...
Acer Aspire 1440 Series
Acer Aspire 1500 Series: 1500 1501LCi 1501LMi
Acer Aspire 1520 Series: 1520 1522LC 1522LMi 1522WLMi 1524WLMi...
Acer Aspire 1660 Series: 1660 1661WLC 1661WLCi 1661FWLCi 1661WLM 1662WLC 1662WLM 1663WLMi 1664WLMi ...
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LCD INVERTER For Acer Aspire 1600 1660 1360 1500 1520Click To Enlarge
LCD INVERTER For Acer Aspire 1600 1660 1360 1500 1520
* Compatible with Part no.: V02107130105 A03 S013194 19.21064.001 IV09117/T 19.21032.031 48.V0712.021 V071 19.21030.D51 19.21030.E92 19.21030.F12 19.21030.I21 19.21030.I71 19.21030.K51 19.21063.002 19.21063.004 19.21064.001 19.A30V1.101 19.A36V1.001 19.A36V1.002 19.T30V1.201 CP159939-01 CP159939-02 NA19025-C201 PWB-IV09117T/A4 PWB-IV09117T/A8 IV09117/T PWB-IV09117T/D1 IV09115/T Ambit T62I194.01 t62i194.02 T62I194.06 T62I194.12

#2 19.21030.K51

Category : Inverter

 041215 19.21030.K51 ACER ASPIRE 1520

 041215 19.21030.K51 ACER ASPIRE 1520

New product.

List of compatible references

q41215 o41215 04i2i5 04i2l5 04i215 04l2i5 04l2l5 04l215 0412i5 0412l5 04121s 19.2103q.k51 19.2103o.k51 19.21q30.k51 19.21q3q.k51 19.21q3o.k51 19.21o30.k51 19.21o3q.k51 19.21o3o.k51 i9.2i030.k5i i9.2i030.k5l i9.2i030.k51 i9.2l030.k5i i9.2l030.k5l i9.2l030.k51 i9.21030.k5i i9.21030.k5l i9.21030.k51 l9.2i030.k5i l9.2i030.k5l l9.2i030.k51 l9.2l030.k5i l9.2l030.k5l l9.2l030.k51 l9.21030.k5i l9.21030.k5l l9.21030.k51 19.2i030.k5i 19.2i030.k5l 19.2i030.k51 19.2l030.k5i 19.2l030.k5l 19.2l030.k51 19.21030.k5i 19.21030.k5l 19.21030.ks1 152q 152o i520 l520 1s20 242ici 242icl 242ic1 242lcl 242lc1 2421ci 2421cl 2421c1 242imi 242iml 242im1 242lml 242lm1 2421mi 2421ml 2421m1 242xvl 242xv1 243xl 243x1 244ici 244icl 244ic1 244lcl 244lc1 2441ci 2441cl 2441c1 25qlc 25olc 250ic 2501c 2s0lc 25qlci 25olci 250ici 250icl 250ic1 250lcl 250lc1 2501ci 2501cl 2501c1 2s0lci 6iitxv 6iltxv 6i1txv 6litxv 6lltxv 6l1txv 61itxv 61ltxv g11txv 6i2txv 6l2txv g12txv 6i3txv 6l3txv g13txv 200q 200o 20q0 20qq 20qo 20o0 20oq 20oo 2q00 2q0q 2q0o 2qq0 2qqq 2qqo 2qo0 2qoq 2qoo 2o00 2o0q 2o0o 2oq0 2oqq 2oqo 2oo0 2ooq 2ooo 20q1lc 20o1lc 2q01lc 2qq1lc 2qo1lc 2o01lc 2oq1lc 2oo1lc 200iic 200ilc 200i1c 200lic 200llc 200l1c 2001ic 20011c 20q1lci 20o1lci 2q01lci 2qq1lci 2qo1lci 2o01lci 2oq1lci 2oo1lci 200iici 200iicl 200iic1 200ilci 200ilcl 200ilc1 200i1ci 200i1cl 200i1c1 200lici 200licl 200lic1 200llci 200llcl 200llc1 200l1ci 200l1cl 200l1c1 2001ici 2001icl 2001ic1 2001lcl 2001lc1 20011ci 20011cl 20011c1 20q1x 20o1x 2q01x 2qq1x 2qo1x 2o01x 2oq1x 2oo1x 200ix 200lx 20q1xc 20o1xc 2q01xc 2qq1xc 2qo1xc 2o01xc 2oq1xc 2oo1xc 200ixc 200lxc 20q2lci 20o2lci 2q02lci 2qq2lci 2qo2lci 2o02lci 2oq2lci 2oo2lci 2002ici 2002icl 2002ic1 2002lcl 2002lc1 20021ci 20021cl 20021c1 20q2lmi 20o2lmi 2q02lmi 2qq2lmi 2qo2lmi 2o02lmi 2oq2lmi 2oo2lmi 2002imi 2002iml 2002im1 2002lml 2002lm1 20021mi 20021ml 20021m1 20q3lc 20o3lc 2q03lc 2qq3lc 2qo3lc 2o03lc 2oq3lc 2oo3lc 2003ic 20031c 20q3lmi 20o3lmi 2q03lmi 2qq3lmi 2qo3lmi 2o03lmi 2oq3lmi 2oo3lmi 2003imi 2003iml 2003im1 2003lml 2003lm1 20031mi 20031ml 20031m1 210q 210o 21q0 21qq 21qo 21o0 21oq 21oo 2i00 2l00 210q 210o 21q0 21qq 21qo 21o0 21oq 21oo 2i00 2l00 21q1wlc 21o1wlc 2i0iwic 2i0iwlc 2i0iw1c 2i0lwic 2i0lwlc 2i0lw1c 2i01wic 2i01wlc 2i01w1c 2l0iwic 2l0iwlc 2l0iw1c 2l0lwic 2l0lwlc 2l0lw1c 2l01wic 2l01wlc 2l01w1c 210iwic 210iwlc 210iw1c 210lwic 210lwlc 210lw1c 2101wic 2101w1c 21q1wlm 21o1wlm 2i0iwim 2i0iwlm 2i0iw1m 2i0lwim 2i0lwlm 2i0lw1m 2i01wim 2i01wlm 2i01w1m 2l0iwim 2l0iwlm 2l0iw1m 2l0lwim 2l0lwlm 2l0lw1m 2l01wim 2l01wlm 2l01w1m 210iwim 210iwlm 210iw1m 210lwim 210lwlm 210lw1m 2101wim 2101w1m 21q1wlmi 21o1wlmi 2i0iwimi 2i0iwiml 2i0iwim1 2i0iwlmi 2i0iwlml 2i0iwlm1 2i0iw1mi 2i0iw1ml 2i0iw1m1 2i0lwimi 2i0lwiml 2i0lwim1 2i0lwlmi 2i0lwlml 2i0lwlm1 2i0lw1mi 2i0lw1ml 2i0lw1m1 2i01wimi 2i01wiml 2i01wim1 2i01wlmi 2i01wlml 2i01wlm1 2i01w1mi 2i01w1ml 2i01w1m1 2l0iwimi 2l0iwiml 2l0iwim1 2l0iwlmi 2l0iwlml 2l0iwlm1 2l0iw1mi 2l0iw1ml 2l0iw1m1 2l0lwimi 2l0lwiml 2l0lwim1 2l0lwlmi 2l0lwlml 2l0lwlm1 2l0lw1mi 2l0lw1ml 2l0lw1m1 2l01wimi 2l01wiml 2l01wim1 2l01wlmi 2l01wlml 2l01wlm1 2l01w1mi 2l01w1ml 2l01w1m1 210iwimi 210iwiml 210iwim1 210iwlmi 210iwlml 210iwlm1 210iw1mi 210iw1ml 210iw1m1 210lwimi 210lwiml 210lwim1 210lwlmi 210lwlml 210lwlm1 210lw1mi 210lw1ml 210lw1m1 2101wimi 2101wiml 2101wim1 2101wlml 2101wlm1 2101w1mi 2101w1ml 2101w1m1 21q3wlc 21o3wlc 2i03wic 2i03wlc 2i03w1c 2l03wic 2l03wlc 2l03w1c 2103wic 2103w1c 21q3wlci 21o3wlci 2i03wici 2i03wicl 2i03wic1 2i03wlci 2i03wlcl 2i03wlc1 2i03w1ci 2i03w1cl 2i03w1c1 2l03wici 2l03wicl 2l03wic1 2l03wlci 2l03wlcl 2l03wlc1 2l03w1ci 2l03w1cl 2l03w1c1 2103wici 2103wicl 2103wic1 2103wlcl 2103wlc1 2103w1ci 2103w1cl 2103w1c1 21q3wlmi 21o3wlmi 2i03wimi 2i03wiml 2i03wim1 2i03wlmi 2i03wlml 2i03wlm1 2i03w1mi 2i03w1ml 2i03w1m1 2l03wimi 2l03wiml 2l03wim1 2l03wlmi 2l03wlml 2l03wlm1 2l03w1mi 2l03w1ml 2l03w1m1 2103wimi 2103wiml 2103wim1 2103wlml 2103wlm1 2103w1mi 2103w1ml 2103w1m1

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Good selection of titles, safe and simple for internet newbies, normally arrive on time and well packaged.

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Good value for money, great customer service.

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