Inverter - 08-20C210126 M3 INV BRD ASUS V6000 V6800V

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08-20C210126 M3 INV BRD ASUS V6000 V6800V

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Product in stock. 6 months warranty.
08-20C210126 M3 INV BRD ASUS V6000 V6800VDescription :

08-20C210126 M3 INV BRD ASUS V6000 V6800V

Category : Inverter

 08-20C210126 M3 INV BRD ASUS V6000 V6800V

 08-20C210126 M3 INV BRD ASUS V6000 V6800V

Product of resale. 100% Working - 100% tested. Delivery 3 days

New: Get a new product for the same price on request for comment on the purchase (extended delivery times: 18 -22 days for a new product)

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6 months warranty

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