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Product in stock. 6 months warranty.
3LHK800Description :

 Sony Vaio SVF15 SVF152C29M SVE152 SVF1542 SVF142 SVF153 SVF14 SVF1521G2EB

Sony Vaio SVF151 SVF1521GCXB SVF1521H2EW SVF1421L1EW SVF1521J1EW SVF152C29L

Sony Vaio SVF15323CXW  

Sony vaio SVF142C29M

Category : Plastic cover case



Product of resale. 100% Working - 100% tested. Delivery 3 days

List of compatible references

svfi5 svfl5 5vf15 5vf1s svf1s svfi52c29m svfl52c29m 5vf152c29m 5vf1s2c29m svf1s2c29m svei52 svel52 5ve152 5ve1s2 sve1s2 svfi542 svfl542 5vf1542 5vf1s42 svf1s42 svfi42 svfl42 5vf142 svfi53 svfl53 5vf153 5vf1s3 svf1s3 svfi4 svfl4 5vf14 svfi52ig2eb svfi52lg2eb svfi521g2eb svfl52ig2eb svfl52lg2eb svfl521g2eb svf152ig2eb svf152lg2eb svf1521g2e8 svf152162eb 5vf1521g2eb 5vf1s21g2eb svf1s21g2eb svfi5i svfi5l svfi51 svfl5i svfl5l svfl51 svf15i svf15l 5vf151 5vf1s1 svf1s1 svfi52igcxb svfi52lgcxb svfi521gcxb svfl52igcxb svfl52lgcxb svfl521gcxb svf152igcxb svf152lgcxb svf1521gcx8 svf15216cxb 5vf1521gcxb 5vf1s21gcxb svf1s21gcxb svfi52ih2ew svfi52lh2ew svfi521h2ew svfl52ih2ew svfl52lh2ew svfl521h2ew svf152ih2ew svf152lh2ew 5vf1521h2ew 5vf1s21h2ew svf1s21h2ew svfi42iiiew svfi42iilew svfi42ii1ew svfi42iliew svfi42illew svfi42il1ew svfi42i1iew svfi42i1lew svfi42i11ew svfi42liiew svfi42lilew svfi42li1ew svfi42lliew svfi42lllew svfi42ll1ew svfi42l1iew svfi42l1lew svfi42l11ew svfi421iiew svfi421ilew svfi421i1ew svfi421liew svfi421llew svfi421l1ew svfi4211iew svfi4211lew svfi42111ew svfl42iiiew svfl42iilew svfl42ii1ew svfl42iliew svfl42illew svfl42il1ew svfl42i1iew svfl42i1lew svfl42i11ew svfl42liiew svfl42lilew svfl42li1ew svfl42lliew svfl42lllew svfl42ll1ew svfl42l1iew svfl42l1lew svfl42l11ew svfl421iiew svfl421ilew svfl421i1ew svfl421liew svfl421llew svfl421l1ew svfl4211iew svfl4211lew svfl42111ew svf142iiiew svf142iilew svf142ii1ew svf142iliew svf142illew svf142il1ew svf142i1iew svf142i1lew svf142i11ew svf142liiew svf142lilew svf142li1ew svf142lliew svf142lllew svf142ll1ew svf142l1iew svf142l1lew svf142l11ew svf1421iiew svf1421ilew svf1421i1ew svf1421liew svf1421llew svf14211iew svf14211lew svf142111ew 5vf1421l1ew svfi52ijiew svfi52ijlew svfi52ij1ew svfi52ljiew svfi52ljlew svfi52lj1ew svfi521jiew svfi521jlew svfi521j1ew svfl52ijiew svfl52ijlew svfl52ij1ew svfl52ljiew svfl52ljlew svfl52lj1ew svfl521jiew svfl521jlew svfl521j1ew svf152ijiew svf152ijlew svf152ij1ew svf152ljiew svf152ljlew svf152lj1ew svf1521jiew svf1521jlew 5vf1521j1ew 5vf1s21j1ew svf1s21j1ew svfi52c29i svfi52c29l svfi52c291 svfl52c29i svfl52c29l svfl52c291 svf152c29i svf152c291 5vf152c29l 5vf1s2c29l svf1s2c29l svfi5323cxw svfl5323cxw 5vf15323cxw 5vf1s323cxw svf1s323cxw svfi42c29m svfl42c29m 5vf142c29m

Joe (16.06.2017) :

Many different types of products with more being added, wide range, reasonable prices, fast delivery, good customer service.

Peter (25.07.2017)

Good selection of titles, safe and simple for internet newbies, normally arrive on time and well packaged.

John (04.01.2017)

Good value for money, great customer service.

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