Hard drive - HTS548040M9AT00 5400RPM 5V 1.0A 40GB 0A25839 08K2825

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HTS548040M9AT00 5400RPM 5V 1.0A 40GB 0A25839 08K2825

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Product in stock. 6 months warranty.
HTS548040M9AT00 5400RPM 5V 1.0A 40GB 0A25839 08K2825Description :

HITACHI HTS548040M9AT00 5400RPM 5V 1.0A 40GB 0A25839 08K2825 H71451A X1E505 0A1R

Dell Latitude D505 PP10L 

Category : Hard drive

 HTS548040M9AT00 5400RPM 5V 1.0A 40GB 0A25839 08K2825

 HTS548040M9AT00 5400RPM 5V 1.0A 40GB 0A25839 08K2825

 HTS548040M9AT00 5400RPM 5V 1.0A 40GB 0A25839 08K2825

Product of resale. 100% Working - 100% tested. Delivery 3 days

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